Lacing Techniques

Since every person’s definition of “comfort” is different, we’ve developed a series of lacing techniques which allow you to adjust the fit of your laces. Our educational videos cover a range of techniques adapted for all of your footwear needs and designed to ensure a tailored fit right down to...

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Training with HICKIES

 HICKIES is suitable for a variety of sports, from short-distance running to your weekend tennis match. HICKIES combines the ease and comfort of a slip-on sneaker while ensuring that you will never need to worry about loose laces again. This photo shoot, shot on site in Buenos Aires Argentina by the photographer Coni Dietrich, showcases some of our solid and mixed colors paired with the ultimate sports outfits. 

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Hickies Elastic Lacing System

Here at HICKIES, we strive to make your life simpler from head to toe. It's with this idea in mind that we designed our HICKIES elastic lacing system. HICKIES eliminates the need for tying and untying laces and gives your sneakers that clean bow-free look. HICKIES are made from a...

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Evolution of Laces

Did you know that shoelaces might just be the oldest shoe accessory in the world?...

Our Community

The growing HICKIES community has really helped shape our vision. We've had the pleasure of working with some amazing brands and are incredibly excited about the collaborations to come. As creators, it’s exciting to see bloggers, artists and entrepreneurs wearing HICKIES and incorporating them with their individual styles. So why...

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Hickies Labs

At HICKIES our mission is to reimagine the obvious. As part of our creative pocess we like to question the status quo and think about how things could be transformed into something different. This is why we created HICKIES labs. It's here that we find other uses for HICKIES by...

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Get The Hickies App

Shop for HICKIES anytime, anywhere with our interactive mobile application. Our intuitive design allows you to swipe among all available color combinations and superimpose your selection over an image of your favorite pair of sneakers. We like to think of our app as a way to get inspired and inspire...

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