Responsive Lacing System

HICKIES is a no-tie shoelace replacement, designed for an active lifestyle. HICKIES lacing system is the perfect compliment for running shoes (you'll never worry about stopping to tie your shoes again) and has been embraced by golfers, tennis players and fitness trainers as well. HICKIES lacing system is made from a memory-fit elastomer that moves with your feet while providing the fit and stability to keep you moving forward. Whether you are simply looking to upgrade your sneakers or looking to add some more pop to your workout outfits, they offer an unbeatable combination of fit, function, and fashion.

Solid color Hickies go with any shoe and any style for that clean look Two colored Hickies bring an athletic look to your Shoelaces, So Lace Up! Show your fun size with a little splash of color in your life and your shoelaces
Lacing Techniques

A trio of clever ways to lace lets you find the fit that comfortably grips—and supports whatever physical activity you’re undertaking. Here’s how it works: HICKIES lacing system is made from a Memory-Fit Performance Elastomer; a material that perfectly expands and contracts with the movement of your foot. Each strap works independently to deliver the best possible comfort and fit. They are created in one size, so watch, learn and find the lacing technique that best suits you and your sneakers.

Lace Up Your Hickies and Never Tie your Shoes again Need a Tighter fit for your shoes? Use this method to make your shoes hug your feet To Tight? Use this method to lace your HICKIES up to feel like you aren't even wearing shoes at all
Training with HICKIES

HICKIES lacing system is suitable for a variety of sports, from short-distance running to your weekend tennis match. By replacing shoelaces with HICKIES no-tie design you will get the ease and comfort of a slip-on sneaker while ensuring that you will never need to worry about loose laces again. See our responsive lacing system in action on this video.