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Upgrade the shoes you love, for however you move.



Works in any shoe with eyelets.


One size fits all.


Smart, adaptive fit for better performance and comfort.


Never tie again—move uninterrupted.


Clean, streamlined look for modern footwear.


Adjustable tightness. See How >>


Easy and comfortable—simply slip on and off.

We will randomly select a free limited edition pack just for you.

Trying HICKIES® laces for the first time? See How It Works

Too tight or too loose? See How To Adust >>
  • 14 straps included per pack, enough for 1 pair of shoes.
  • Each strap measures 116mm long.
  • Updated strap and closure design for increased durability and security.
  • Works in any shoe with eyelets. See How >>
  • One Size, Adjustable. See How to Adjust >>
  • Made from durable thermoplastic elastomer
  • No Latex.
  • Made in Mexico.
  • *Shoes sold separately.


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Ken S.

Turned my shoes into more expensive temporary slip-ons.

I write this review less than a month and a half after receiving my grey Hickies. When I first put them on, I loved them. They worked as they were supposed to and I was enjoying not having to tie my shoe laces in my new expensive joggers. I had them in a loose configuration and they were comfortable. They did what they set out to do. For less than 3 weeks. Within the third week the first hickie broke. I didn't notice when it happened just looked down and saw it broken. I had a couple left over after lacing my shoes so I replaced it. 1 week later the same on on the other shoe broke. I replaced it with my last spare. And then this morning as I put my shoes on a 3rd one snapped... this one being the hickie that was first replaced. If you are going to buy these.... don't. They are an expensive pair of temporary shoe laces. Way overpriced for the use I got out of them.

Robyn S.
United States

Flawless perfection!

I tried them not only in my sneakers, but also in my winter boots. Work perfect in both, although it's a little bit trickier to put them into "lacing tubes" as opposed to regular grommeted holes; there are step-by-step instructions for all types , as well as for a tighter or looser fit. If you're disabled (like me) or lazy (like me) or born and raised in the snow-bound north (in western NY, like me), chances are you either don't buy lace-ups anymore or have learned to scuff sneaks and boots on and off without loosening the laces (or bending down). Unfortunately boots aren't optional in some places and scuffing sneakers on and off breaks down the heels and leaves them lees comfy than they should be. The Hickies make it all a non-issue. Done in the loose-style, kicking shoes on and off is easy and doesn't destroy them in the process. Being able to do the same with boots, without having to loosen and then cinch em up to tie em, means no bending with a bad back or other mobility issue. Also Hickies means no handling of cold and wet (and salty) laces when you go to put them back on after they've melted free of the ice and snow that accumulates during a winter outing. I wish I'd bought more than the one package, but I've been burned by so many adaptation/mobility products I was hesitant, especially since they don't market them to the disabled. A double pack for boots might be a good idea to try, for a loose fit in wider lacing boots. Plus I got grey to match my sneakers, not my brown boots. And I'd love to play around with the colors, mix-n-match, or just to brighten up dark colored sneaks or coordinate with that day's outfit or coat. So easy to install and connect. High-quality. Works exactly as they said they would. Perfectly flawless!

Michelle R.

Hickies #1 to replace laces!!!

Have been looking for a product like this for a long time and stumbled across Hickies on Facebook. They are awesome and have made my joggers so comfortable. I hate shoelaces, always have and always will and Hickies are the best replacement for laces. I love the way you can choose how tight or how loose they are. Thanks for your product, I will definitely recommend and buy them again.

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