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Black - HICKIES no tie shoes Neon Rainbow - HICKIES Elastic Laces Color Swatch - 1 White - HICKIES Elastic Shoelaces Color Swatch - 1 Black Sprinkles - HICKIES Color Swatch - 1 HICKIES - Charcoal color Navy Grey - HICKIES Color Swatch - 1 Neon Pink Cyan - HICKIES Color Swatch - 1 Infrared Violet Neon Orange - HICKIES Elastic Lace Color Swatch - 1 Mint Electric Blue Turquoise Neon Yellow - HICKIES Elastic Shoelace Color Swatch - 1 Gold - HICKIES Color Swatch - 1 Copper - HICKIES Color Swatch Forrest Green - HICKIES Color Swatch - 1 Black Mint Silver / Yellow - HICKIES Elastic Shoe Laces - 1 Blue / White - HICKIES Color Swatch Black / Yellow - HICKIES Hickies - Red and Black Black / Gold - HICKIES no tie laces Midnight Black/Silver - HICKIES Elastic Shoelaces Color Swatch - 1 HICKIES Blue/Yellow swatch color Black / Pink - HICKIES black and pink laces Silver - HICKIES Elastic Lace Color Swatch - 1

HICKIES® Kids is a one size fits all no-tie shoelace replacement designed for kids aged 5 to 12. HICKIES® Kids lacing system works by threading seamlessly through the eyelets of any shoe, then snapping securely in place for a hassle-free fit. Our lacing techniques are a perfect way to make sure sneakers fit the way you want them to. Each pack of HICKIES® Kids comes with 10 pieces, enough for a standard pair of sneakers.

Each pack contains:

2 Orange/Yellow, 2 Pink/Turquoise , 3 Turquoise/Orange, 3 Yellow/Green HICKIES® Kids.

See how it works.

Life Without Laces.