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  • Do HICKIES laces contain toxic materials?

  • How do I install my HICKIES laces?

  • What are HICKIES laces made of?

  • What is the difference between HICKIES 2.0 and HICKIES Kids?

  • How long are HICKIES laces?

  • Do HICKIES laces contain latex?

  • What is the 'Free Pack'?

  • Can HICKIES laces go in the washing machine?

  • What are HICKIES 2.0?

  • What are HICKIES® laces with crystals from Swarovski®?

  • What types of shoes can I use HICKIES laces in?

  • How do I join the HICKIES team?

  • How do I make my HICKIES laces tighter or looser?

  • Do HICKIES laces come in different sizes?

  • How many HICKIES laces come in a pack?

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