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Evolution of Laces

Posted by Ben Lord on

Did you know that shoelaces might just be the oldest shoe accessory in the world? While Harvey Kennedy is often considered to be the inventor of the modern shoelace after registering his "invention" in 1970, shoelaces have actually been around for thousands of years. Buckles, buttons and zippers have served similar purposes throughout history as well. 

Archaeological artifacts reveal that many many cultures utilized laces for protection, which is the same reason why we use them today. For the Greeks and Romans, laces helped keep their sandals in place while Native Americans have used leather laces for securing animal hide moccasins for centuries. In many cases, laces could mean the difference between life and death, especially in extremely cold climates. 

Overtime, people experimented with lacing techniques to accommodate different shoe sizes and ailments. The most common method is the criss-crossing technique while the 2003 patented "Double helix shoe lacing process" is designed to decrease friction and make tightening or loosening laces easier and faster. Considering how long laces have been around, we like to think that HICKIES is reimagining the obvious. 

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