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Recently, model and musician Brian decided to go on a three month backpacking trip through Asia to explore the continent's many wonders and diverse cultures. To make his trip easier, and lighter, Brian packed only one bag and one pair of shoes. For his shoes, he decided to use HICKIES for the whole trip, really putting our laces to the test. Brian was kind enough to share his pictures from his trip and his experience with using HICKIES. Read his thoughts below.



Moving to the states from Hong Kong when I was a teenager, I have always had the urge and desire to go back to Asia and really explore all that it had to offer. Through many years of playing with different bands, I was able to visit certain countries in Asia, but never had the opportunity to take it all in and really enjoy my surroundings or the culture. I decided to take a three month break from my life in New York and just get lost. I Let my heart be my compass, which allowed me to see all the beauty of this great continent. 



Traveling through Asia with HICKIES actually made my trip a lot easier than I expected. I never knew how great it would feel to easily slip my shoes on and off in airport security lines. It didn't save me loads of time, but it did save me from having to put all my bags down, bend over, and double knot my shoes. I never realized how much I actually hated doing that until now. The other great benefit of traveling with HICKIES, is that in Asia, it is very respectful in a lot of homes and even in temples to remove your shoes upon entrance. Having my shoes be slip-ons because of HICKIES made this very quick and easy.



I don't know when or where my next travels will be, but I do know that I'll never travel without HICKIES. 

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