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Posted by Collin Willardson on

Just from going onto our website, or seeing someone wear our product, you know that HICKIES turns all your shoes into slip-ons, so you never have to tie or untie your shoes again. But do you know what actually makes HICKIES such a great product? 

HICKIES is the simple solution to all shoelace problems. It's an elastic lacing system that connects each pair of eyelets fastening the sneakers turning them into slip-ons. 


HICKIES is an international patented ground breaking lacing system that replaces traditional shoelaces. Our proprietary material makes our laces elastic and comfortable, resistant to the weight of the foot and the body, built with memory formed technology. To ensure that every HICKIE is ready for the market, we put our product through quality control so that everyone has the best experience with their new laces.



 What also makes us different from others is our story. If you are familar with HICKIES, you already know our love story, but if you don't, I will quickly tell you a tale of a young married couple who wanted to be togehter more than anything else, but also never wanted to tie their shoes. Actually, instead of telling you the story, you should just watch this video, it will tell you everything with a sexy accent. 


For us, the key to HICKIES was to create a product that would change the way people wear their sneakers and shoes forever. HICKIES not only has great functionality for all shoes, but it also adds to your style and makes every shoe look that much more unique, no matter what your style. 


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