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New Update 2/10/14

Posted by Gaston Frydlewski on

As a company, we decided that we want our fans and friends to be more aware of what is going on with HICKIES. So to keep everyone in the loop, we are going to start sharing updates with everyone on a weekly basis. 

To start, we recently finished our first Fashion Trade show at ProjectSole in our own stomping grounds. It was a great experience, and we even got some love from Details Magazine from some of our favorite bloggers :) Check out the features and images they did with HICKIES.

Justin of Scout Sixteen 

(click on the image for the story written in Details) 





Moti from The Metro Man 

(click on the image for the story written in Details) 




Saul from TrendStyled 

(click on the image to see the story in Details) 



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