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Ben Isabella

Posted by Mubiyna Casey on

Sayreville, NJ

I am a PE teacher and CrossFit Box Owner

On weekends you can be found at:
Working Out, Hanging out with Friends, Training Athletes

Favorite movie of all time:
Dumb and Dumber

Favorite time of day to train:

A quote you live by:
"Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most"

Your personal mantra:
"Perception determines happiness"

Your favorite part about HICKIES:
I love working out in them

Dream vacation:

Favorite training technique:
Body Building

Favorite post-workout snack:
Eggs and Bacon

How did you get into fitness?
I was tired of being skinny. I started working out and was instantly hooked on making progress, getting stronger, and looking Fit.


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