Lacing Techniques

Regular Fit

In their most classic iteration, here’s how HICKIES lacing system works: you thread each unit through parallel eyelets. Fastening each one means threading the tip through the hole and wrapping the ring around the clasp. They’ll snap into place, and if this is your optimal fit, you’ll never need to adjust them again. Watch and learn from the Regular Fit video, and check out the other ways to lace below.

Tight Fit

A snug fit is best for high impact sports like outdoor running and intense gym sessions. Keeping your shoes tighter around your feet can reduce muscle tension and protect you from impact and injury. Our crisscross technique achieves an optimal, closer fit.

Loose Fit

A loose-fitting sneaker can be great for everyday activities or light gym workouts. Also, if you have wide feet, the loose fit lace technique might feel like a regular fit. But if your heel begins to slip out of the shoe, your laces might be too loose. Here’s how to achieve our loose fit.


For sneakers with loops, take the narrow end of a HICKIES fastener and thread it through the bottom of the first loop. Then thread it through the bottom of the loop on the opposite side— and fasten normally. If you’re sneakers don’t have loops, watch some of our other video tutorials for more lacing techniques.


One of the perks of using HICKIES laces is that you can get a custom fit for each part of your foot. Because no two feet are the same, a combination of two different lacing techniques can be implemented for the ultimate in customization. This will allow you to have a tight fit around the toes and a looser fit around the ankles, or vice versa. HICKIES laces give you full control of your comfort and grip.